A Mass Movement –

We continue to be excited!   While the coronavirus pandemic has most people hiding in the corner of their bedroom watching the news, we have been witnessing what appears to be a mass movement of cow-calf producers toward a better way of life.   In preparation for our spring bull sales, we have visited with hundreds of cow-calf producers who are totally excited about replacing their old, sick horse (paradigm) with a fresh, new horse.   

The future will always look bright for those who are willing to change with the times.   People who have an open mind will continue to learn.   Therefore, they will find it easy to make the necessary changes in their operation.   In contrast, those who refuse to think or to look outside the box (paradigm) they have put themselves in will never be able to keep up with the times.   They will continue to ride the same old horse until the horse falls over dead.

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  1. My son and I have a few Simmental cows. We are currently in the process of trying to transform them down from where they are at. We had a bad experience this winter sending a bull calf to a feed test in Montana. This was due to multiple factors, I think one of them being the fact he wasn’t aggressive enough to compete for bunk space with other bulls, along with being ill for sometime this winter, when we got him back he had foot rot that we are now treating. Even though he didn’t shine in this environment, I think he has more value than other animals that probably shined in that setting. We will continue to push for smaller packaged animals moving forward.  He is a frame score 5 that had an adjusted weaning weight of 845. Had our lowest birthweight calf crop this year with some calves in the 65 pound range. The older cows we purchased need downsized and we are working in that direction. Bigger is bigger and better is better.

    1. Glenn, when I hear people talk about adjusted weaning weights of over 600 pounds, I know I am talking to someone who has been selecting for more and more pounds per cow (bragging rights).   You will never reduce cow size and maintenance requirements until you can focus on increasing pounds per acre — instead of pounds per cow.   With the right size and type of cows, you will be able to increase stocking rate by over 30%.   Those smaller cows will always produce more total pounds that are worth more per pound.

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