Australia Sale Results –

Our Second Annual Australia Bull Sale was a huge success!   We are extremely excited about the future.   More and more cow-calf producers in Australia understand the differences between our program and traditional programs.   They know the future belongs to those who are not afraid to think for themselves and are able to change with the times.   Time does not stand still!

Unofficially, we sold 54 bulls in less than an hour for an average price of $6230 – with a range of $2000 to $12,500.   Seventy percent of the bulls were purchased by people who attended the sale in person.   Notice the social distancing in the picture above.   The remaining 30% were purchased through our two Stay-At-Home options.   All of the bulls sold.   It looks as though we could have sold another 20 bulls if we would have had them.

Where They Went…

  • Queensland                 30 bulls
  • New South Wales       22 bulls
  • Tasmania                     1 bull   (I hope he can swim) 
  • South Australia           1 bull

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