Birds of a Feather –

positive attitude is contagious.   A negative attitude is even more contagious.   Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to find a positive message in agriculture.   You won’t find it at the local sale barn or at the local coffee shop or at the local bank.   You won’t find it in most ag publications and organizations.   Most farmers and ranchers are struggling just to break even.

Misery loves company.   Instead of looking for a positive and encouraging message, many farmers and ranchers will gravitate toward others who are struggling to break even.   Birds of a feather flock together.   If you ever find yourself surrounded by people with a negative attitude, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY!   You need to find a different flock of birds to hang out with.

Pharo Cattle Company knows ranching can be very profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.   Our message has always been very positive.   Many of our customers are two to five times more profitable than all of their neighbors.   They know there will be more opportunities to advance in the next ten years than there have been for several decades.   Success, however, will be dependent upon associating with the right people and the right organizations.

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