Buyer Beware –

There are a few bull marketers who are trying to mimic what Pharo Cattle Company says and does.   We have no problem with that – but we encourage buyers to beware.   I’m sure these bull marketers do some things right – but no one even comes close to doing all the things Pharo Cattle Company does right.

 We have been selling bulls for 30 years… and counting.   We have helped thousands of cow-calf producers put more fun and profit into their business.   That has always been the driving force behind our business and lives.   We encourage you to use the following Check List when you want to compare other bull programs to ours.

 Does Your Seedstock Producer…

  •  Treat his cows tougher than you treat your cows?
  • Refuse to make an excuse for a cow or give her a second chance?
  • Develop bulls slowly and naturally on forages – with nothing but starch-free supplements?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for disposition?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for hair coat and fly resistance?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for feet and leg conformation?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for preputial prolapse problems?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for fleshing ability, thickness, muscling, masculinity and overall rating?
  • Evaluate and score bulls for grass efficiency, maintenance requirements and longevity?
  • Provide an udder score for the bulls he sells?
  • Provide a One-Year Guarantee on the bulls he sells?
  • Guarantee bulls for calving ease?
  • Guarantee bulls to be free from genetic defects?
  • Provide ultrasound data on the bulls he sells for carcass traits?
  • Obtain a DNA profile on every bull he sells to increase the accuracy of the information he uses and shares?
  • Control internal and external parasites with genetics – instead of toxic chemicals?
  • Invite customers and non-customers to participate in bull evaluation days?
  • Provide a Quick Sort program that takes all the guesswork out of sorting bulls that meet your specific needs?
  • Bring in world-renown experts in profitable, sustainable and regenerative agriculture for five pre-sale meetings every year?
  • Use an honest, low-pressure Cowboy Auction to sell bulls?
  • Deliver bulls to over 60 delivery points across the nation?
  • Provide a one-of-a-kind online discussion group with many world-renowned experts for their customers?

 Everything we do we do with the good of our customers in mind.   Most bull marketers would never even consider doing most of the 22 things listed above.   We continue to be different for all the right reasons!


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