Buyer’s Market

Our fall bull sales almost always create a better buyer’s market for our bull customers than do our spring bull sales.   For the most part, this is because most cow-calf producers will not need to turn their bulls out until next summer.   This may be true, but…

Not only do our fall-sale bulls cost less, they are 18 months of age.   They will be two years old next summer.   These older bulls will breed more cows with much fewer problems than yearling bulls.   Since they have been developed naturally on grass, they will not melt or fall apart when you take them home.   Unlike yearling bulls, these bulls require very little in the way of winter feed and care.   In most cases, you can turn them out with your older bulls.   Don’t be surprised if your new PCC bulls come through the winter in better shape than your older, non-PCC bulls.

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