You CANNOT Vaccinate Your Way to Health

With improved herd health in mind, I hold the following ten truths to be self-evident…

 Vaccinations have allowed more and more animals with broken immune systems to live and breed. 

  1. Vaccine, when it works, only blocks one way to get sick.  It cannot make the animal stronger.
  2. The greater purpose of disease (and parasites) is to purify the species by eradicating weak individuals.
  3. As a whole, we have been trained and seduced by corporations to rely on “crutches” not true health.
  4. Crutches include vaccine, wormers, insecticides, antibiotics, etc.  They “mask” unworthy animals. 
  5. At the end of the day, crutches are much more expensive than creating true health.  They only appear easier. 
  6. Nature bats last.  If one disease pathway is eradicated and there are weak animals, another will appear. 
  7. Animals raised with crutches create more drug-addicted offspring.  They can’t live without their drugs.
  8. Animals raised on crutches are not as good to eat.  They are more toxic and less nutrient-dense. 
  9. Immune-compromised animals must be strengthened by natural means, before they can become vaccine-free.

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    1. I’m sure Dr. Winters would not reccomend it — unless you were in an area that suffered lots of losses to black leg.

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