Let the Fun Begin

The Price-Rollback Sale is officially underway.   There are 23 PCC Solar Bulls to choose from – nine in Colorado, eight in Texas and six in Missouri.   These bulls are priced from $3500 to $6000.   Some of these bulls would have sold for $8000+ had they sold in our spring bull sales.   The prices on these bulls will be ROLLED BACK $250 every day until they are sold.

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Colorado Bull Sale Results

Our third and final spring bull sale is over – and the dust is beginning to settle.   Considering the weather preceding the bull sale, we had a great turnout for our 28th Annual Colorado Bull Sale.   Our pre-sale meeting with Peter Ballerstedt was very well attended with Herd Quitters from 11 different states and Mexico.  

We served 167 meals prior to the sale on Monday.   There were 60 registered bidders at the sale from 11 different states and Mexico.   In addition to the in-house bidders,

Game Changers

While most people just play the game, others change how the game is played.   Those who change how the game is played are called Game Changers.   They rewrite the rules.   They see things differently.   They reject the status quo ways of thinking and doing.  They detest being average.   They find ways to be highly successful – even when everyone else is struggling to break even.   Game Changers make things happen!

I recently went through the membership list of the PCC Discussion Group.   This group was established many years ago for PCC customers.  

Two Down and One to Go

Our 6th Annual Missouri Bull Sale is behind us.   The pre-sale meeting with Peter Ballerstedt had 80 people from at least 10 different states in attendance.   We served lunch to 265 people.  

We had 119 registered bidders at the sale – from 16 different states.   There were 63 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 26 different states.

We sold 146 bulls for an average price of $5801 – with a range of $2600 to $9500.   These bulls were sold into 20 different states.   

Talk is Cheap

This time of year, I glance through hundreds of catalogs and advertisements for bull sales.   With very few exceptions, everyone is essentially offering the same product.   It is extremely rare to find anyone with a program or a product that differs from the status quo.   Some may talk about the importance of fertility, fleshing ability, cow size, maintenance costs, etc., etc., but very, very few have a product that will actually make a difference.

One bull sale ad stated, “Ranchers need low-cost / low-input cattle…”   Since this is exactly what we’ve been saying for nearly three decades,

Pre-Sale Meetings

We will have pre-sale meetings at all three of our sale locations.   These meetings will take place at 6:30 pm the night before the sale.   Our featured guest speaker will be Peter Ballerstedt.   We had Peter speak at our spring bull sales several years ago.   Peter was very well received.   His message was very challenging and inspiring.   Peter is a true Herd Quitter – and he is very passionate about it.

We invite you to come listen to a presentation that will help you improve your health and the health of your family.  

Fall 2017 Bull Sale Analysis

We sold 315 low-maintenance, grass-developed bulls in our two fall bull sales for an average price of $4908 – with a range of $2000 to $12,250.   Below is a brief analysis of our two sales.   Calving ease, fleshing ability, disposition and overall rating were evaluated and scored using our unique 5-star system.   In this system, 5-star is the best and 1-star is the worst.



More Cows for More Years

In preparation for our fall bull sales, we have visited with hundreds of PCC customers.   Most have used their PCC bulls for more years than they ever thought possible.   One customer purchased three PCC Solar Bulls in the fall of 2008.   These bulls are still going strong at 10 years of age.   That’s amazing!   Several customers tell us their PCC Solar Bulls successfully cover 50 to 80 cows and/or heifers

What is a bull worth that can breed twice as many cows for twice as many years as an average bull?  

One Down and One to Go

Our Nebraska Bull Sale is behind us.   The pre-sale meeting with Jim Gerrish had nearly 47 cow-calf producers from at least eight different states in attendance.  

We had 45 registered bidders at the sale – from 8 different states.   There were 52 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 19 different states and Mexico.

We sold 94 bulls in one hour for an average price of $4215 – with a range of $2000 to $9750.   These bulls were sold into 15 states and Mexico.  

Buyer’s Market

Our fall bull sales almost always create a better buyer’s market for our bull customers than do our spring bull sales.   For the most part, this is because most cow-calf producers will not need to turn their bulls out until next summer.   This may be true, but…

Not only do our fall-sale bulls cost less, they are 18 months of age.   They will be two years old next summer.   These older bulls will breed more cows with much fewer problems than yearling bulls.   Since they have been developed naturally on grass,

One Down and Two To Go! Nebraska Sale was a success….

Around 60 people from at least eight different states attended the pre-sale meeting in Valentine, Nebraska, to hear Kit Pharo speak.   Kit reports that it was extremely refreshing to be around so many cow-calf producers with a positive attitude, who are excited and optimistic about the future.   Kit will also be speaking at the Ohio and Colorado pre-sale meetings.

We had 49 registered bidders at the sale – from six different states. There were 39 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 12 different states, as well as Australia..

Why Purchase Bulls in the Fall?

Fall is by far the best time to move cattle from one environment to another – especially if you are moving them into a hotter, more humid environment (south and/or east). By the time breeding season rolls around, your new PCC bull will be well-adapted and ready for a heavy workload.
Unlike most young bulls, our grass-developed bulls do not require much in the way of winter feed or care. In most cases, we recommend you throw them in with your older bulls. Don’t be surprised if your young PCC bulls come through the winter in better shape than your older,