Changing Horses on the Run –

For the past month, I have been blessed with at least one phone call per day from a cow-calf producer who is literally ready to set the world on fire!   Most of these producers are 35 to 55 years of age.   They have successfully broken away from the old, outdated paradigm that is focused on increasing production per cow (bragging rights).   They finally came to the realization that this paradigm (horse) was slowly killing their business.  

They are changing horses on the run!   They are excited about taking the first steps required to be two to five times more profitable than all of their neighbors.   They are building a business that can be passed on to the next generation – and the one after that.   They know that if they don’t change horses, they will eventually go broke – forcing their kids and grandkids to get jobs in the city.

We have been selling bulls for 30 years – but we have never experienced this type of mass movement before.   It’s about time!   These producers have seen the writing on the wall.   They are finished with breakeven ranching.   It’s unfortunate that a few of them had to leave the family farm or ranch they grew up on to change horses.   Change comes mighty slowly in agriculture – especially for the older generation.

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