Colorado Bull Sale Results

Our third and final spring bull sale is over – and the dust is beginning to settle.   Considering the weather preceding the bull sale, we had a great turnout for our 28th Annual Colorado Bull Sale.   Our pre-sale meeting with Peter Ballerstedt was very well attended with Herd Quitters from 11 different states and Mexico.  

We served 167 meals prior to the sale on Monday.   There were 60 registered bidders at the sale from 11 different states and Mexico.   In addition to the in-house bidders, we had 108 bidders from 18 different states who used our Stay-At-Home options.

We sold 182 low-maintenance PCC Solar Bulls for an average price of $5537 – with a range of $3,250 to $12,500.   As you can see, we had NO funny-money bulls to artificially inflate our sale average.

A WHOPPING 55% of the bulls were purchased through one of our three Stay-At-Home options.   With our Quick Sort program, our bull videos and our bull delivery service, we make it easy for our customers to purchase bulls this way.

Top Ten States…


  • Colorado         32 bulls
  • Nebraska         30 bulls
  • Kansas             24 bulls
  • Wyoming        19 bulls
  • Oklahoma        16 bulls
  • Texas               9 bulls
  • Nevada            9 bulls
  • North Dakota  8 bulls
  • Chihuahua       8 bulls
  • South Dakota  6 bulls
  • Minnesota       6 bulls

Much to the amazement of status-quo beef producers – there is no shortage of demand for our low-maintenance Solar Bulls.   These bulls were produced by efficient, easy-fleshing, moderate-sized, low-maintenance cows that have never been pampered.   They will produce the type of replacement females needed to increase pounds and profit per acre.