Colorado Bull Sale Results –



Our 30th Annual Colorado Bull Sale is behind us.   We were hoping to spend our 30th Anniversary with 200+ people at the sale barn in Burlington, Colorado.   However, that wasn’t meant to be – so we made the best of the situation and had some fun.

As we did with our Missouri and Texas sales, we conducted this sale as a virtual auction from our living room.   This week, we decided to mask-up.   Most of the PCC Crew were wearing bandanas and wild rags as face masks.   We also decided to add a Red, White and Blue theme to this event.

We had 245 Stay-At-Home bidders registered for our Colorado Bull Sale – from 24 different states.   We sold 204 bulls in a little over two hours for an average price of $6330 – with a range of $3500 to $15,000.   There were no funny-money bulls!   These bulls were sold into 18 different states.

Top Five States…

  • Kansas             35 bulls
  • Colorado         28 bulls
  • Wyoming        24 bulls 
  • Nebraska         20 bulls
  • North Dakota  20 bulls

The demand for PCC Solar Bulls is obviously much greater than the supply!   Many customers are anxiously looking forward to our upcoming Price-Rollback Sale.   Stay tuned… we will provide more information in the near future.

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