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According to the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC), the cost of producing a calf has increased from $384 in 2000 to $883 in 2014.   It more than doubled in just 14 years.   Keep in mind, though, that this is an average cost of production.   Some cow-calf producers have a much higher cost of production, while others have a much lower cost of production.

 Most longtime PCC customers have a cost of production of $400 to $500 per calf.   That is a $300 to $400 per calf advantage over average.   If you spend $300 to $400 less to produce a calf, you have essentially increased you profit per calf by $300 to $400.   In this business, that’s HUGE!

 There is another “Cost Per Calf” figure we should discuss…

 According to many university experts, you can only expect to get three years of use out of a high-maintenance, feedlot-developed Diesel Bull.   Even with supplementation, most Diesel Bulls can service no more than 20 cows their first year and no more than 30 cows their second and third years – for a lifetime total of 80 calves.   If the average Diesel Bull sells for $4000, your cost per calf is $50 ($4000 divided by 80).

 It is not at all uncommon for PCC Solar Bulls to provide at least six years of service.   In most cases, we are not afraid to turn our Solar Bulls out with 30+ females their first breeding season.   We expect our bulls to gain weight during their first breeding season – without being supplemented.   Our mature bulls can handle 50+ cows – for a lifetime total of at least 280 calves.   If the average PCC Solar Bull sells for $6000, your cost per calf is only $21 ($6000 divided by 280).

 Are you really saving money by purchasing a Diesel Bull for $2000 less than a PCC Solar Bull?   Hardly!   At $6000, a PCC Solar Bull is a bargain!   Your cost per calf will be nearly $30 less with a $6000 PCC Solar Bull than with a $4000 Diesel Bull.   Purchasing PCC Solar Bulls will also be one of the best investments you can make for the future of your business – and they come with a One-Year Warranty!

 NOTE: Most of today’s bulls are high-maintenance animals that require high levels of energy (grain, etc.) to perform.   We refer to these bulls as Diesel Bulls.   In contrast, our ultra-low-maintenance bulls can perform quite well on a year-round, all-grass diet.   We refer to these bulls as Solar Bulls because they don’t require anything other than free solar energy.





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