Monday afternoon, I received a phone call from Jim Kinder, a cow-calf producer in Oklahoma who has been using PCC bulls exclusively for nine or ten years.   Jim said, “I was just sitting here doing nothing, and thought I should give you a call.”   He went on to say, “I nearly had to fire my hired help, because they have nothing to do.”

At first I thought Jim was calling with a complaint – but I was struggling to understand what the problem was.   I soon realized Jim was happy to be sitting around with nothing to do.   Jim’s hired help had nothing to do because they were not feeding Jim’s cows.   Jim’s cows are out grazing and they look better than ever before.   Life is good!

Jim said he had 1500-pound cows when he started using PCC bulls.   Jim’s cows now weigh 1200 pounds or less.   He is running more cows on the same acres – with NO hay!   He used to feed lots of hay all winter.   Life is good!   Jim now has a business that is both Profita-BULL and Enjoya-BULL.