Forage-Developed Bulls

More and more seedstock producers are promoting “forage-developed” bulls.   We have checked into all of these so-called “forage” programs and have concluded that no one has a program that is as tough as PCC’s program.   Several of these forage programs feed large amounts of hay, haylage and/or silage.   Some feed a grain-based ration during the winter months.   Some use self-feeders that are regularly filled by the local Co-op truck.   Most of these so-called “forage” programs have high-maintenance cattle that would quickly fall apart in our program.

Pharo Cattle Company has been developing bulls on grass for 20 years.   From the very beginning, we designed our forage test to quickly separate the men from the boys.   We are extremely tough on our bulls because we want our least efficient bulls to fall out of the program.   I think it is safe to say you will NOT find a program that is as tough as ours.   Because of the way our bulls have been bred and developed, they will breed more cows for more years than bulls coming out of other programs.

Since very few cows spend their life in a feedlot, we believe maternal genetics should be tested for the ability to perform on grass – NOT grain.   We have 330 bulls being developed on grass in preparation for our Nebraska and Colorado fall bull sales.   No one sells as many ultra-low-maintenance, grass-developed bulls as we do.   Our bulls will increase pounds and profit per acre – in good times and in not-so-good times – AND they come with a ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE!