Getting Your Money’s Worth

When you purchase bulls, cost is always a factor – but it should not be the only factor.   First and foremost, you should consider the program behind the bulls.   Bulls that are produced in a program that aligns with your long-term goals are worth a whole lot more than bulls coming out of programs that do not align with your long-term goals.

The next biggest factor… in getting your money’s worth is the number of calves a bull will sire before he must be replaced.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a bull that sires twice as many calves as the average bull is worth twice as much as the average bull.   After all, the reason you purchase bulls is to sire calves.

According to many university experts, you can only expect to get three years of use out of a feedlot-developed Diesel Bull.   On average, I think that may be too high.   Even with supplementation, most Diesel Bulls can service no more than 20 cows their first year and no more than 30 cows their second and third years – for a lifetime total of 80 calves.

It is not at all uncommon for PCC Solar Bulls that are developed on grass to provide at least six years of service.   In most cases, we are not afraid to turn our Solar Bulls out with 40 females their first breeding season.   We expect our bulls to gain weight and condition during their first breeding season – without being supplemented.   Our mature bulls can handle 50+ cows – for a lifetime total of at least 290 calves.

In this case… the PCC Solar Bull will sire 210 more calves than the status quo Diesel Bull.   If the status quo Diesel Bull cost $4000, his cost per calf would be $50.   At $50 per calf, you could pay over $14,500 for a PCC Solar Bull, and still get your money’s worth.   Since PCC Solar Bulls cost about the same as Diesel Bulls, you will always get WAY MORE THAN YOUR MONEY’S WORTH with a PCC Solar Bull.


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