Is Average Good Enough?

 In commodity agriculture, average is breakeven.   Below average producers are losing money.   The only way they can stay in business is to subsidize the farm or ranch with outside income.   Above average producers are profitable.   Some are extremely profitable.   They are profitable because their management differs substantially from average producers.   They have a distinct competitive advantage.

 Most PCC Customers are well above average.   Many have doubled their profits.   They are focused on production per acre – instead of production per cow (bragging rights).   They are using ultra-low-maintenance bulls – instead of the high-maintenance bulls everyone else is using.   They know nothing affects profitability as much as stocking rate and cost of production.

 Following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing has never been the best way to manage a business.   In most cases, it is the absolute worst way to manage a business.   If you are part of the status quo herd, you will never be above average – and you will never have a competitive advantage.   Dare to be different.   Dare to be a Herd Quitter.

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