Is it Time to Change Horses?

Your survival in the cow-calf business will be dependent on your ability to switch paradigms (horses).   The old-horse paradigm is the result of a time when land was unbelievably cheap – at least by today’s standards.   It is also the result of cheap feed and cheap fuel.   Gasoline could be purchased for 25 cents per gallon in the early 1970s.   Labor was cheap – and equipment was cheap.   The old-horse way of doing things made sense 40 to 50 years ago.   Unfortunately, that era is over – and it ain’t coming back!

While most cow-calf producers are slowly going out of business, many PCC Customers have more than doubled their profits.   They are two to four times more profitable than all of their neighbors.   They are operating under a totally different paradigm than their neighbors.   People who have an open mind will always find it easy to make the necessary changes in their operations.   In contrast, those who refuse to think outside the box they have put themselves in will never be able to keep up with the times.   They will continue to ride the same old horse until the horse falls over dead.

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