It Won’t Cost a Dime –

The first step most cow-calf producers need to take to double their profits will not cost them a dime and it will not require any physical labor.   It will require nothing more than a change in thinking.   Producers must STOP focusing on pounds and profit per animal – and START focusing on pounds and profit per acre.

Contrary to popular opinion, trying to increase pounds per animal (bragging rights) will always have a negative effect on net profits.   We must focus on increasing pounds per acre – instead of pounds per animal.   Because the status quo beef industry has been so focused on the wrong thing for so long, this change in thinking is much easier said than done.   Several PCC customers are still struggling with it.

 You will never be all you can be as a cow-calf producer until you can make this change in thinking.   Not surprisingly, those who have made this change in thinking wonder why it took so long.   That is the way it is when making a paradigm shift.   Everything else will start falling into place once you have successfully completed the First Step of the Ten Steps to Double Your Profits.



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