Making the Change –

Most cow-calf producers know their cows are too big, hard-keeping and high-maintenance – but they are unsure of the easiest and best way to change their cowherd.   Some want to sell their entire herd and buy back the right kind of cows.   That, however, is much easier said than done.   It’s not easy to find moderate-sized, easy-fleshing, low-maintenance cows – and if you do find them, they probably won’t be for sale.

We think the easiest way to change your cowherd is to start with your replacement heifers.   Purchase ultra-low-maintenance, calving-ease bulls that are the right size and type to use on your heifers.   Only keep replacement females out of those bulls.   After two years, move those bulls to your cowherd and buy another set of bulls for your heifers.   At the same time, we suggest you work hard at culling your taller, hard-keeping cows.   You will be amazed… it won’t take long to completely change your entire cowherd.   Now you are producing what everyone else is looking for.

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