NO Bottom End –

We just finished evaluating bulls in Texas, Missouri and Colorado in preparation for our spring bull sales.   We had many visitors attend all of our bull workdays.   This was the first time for some.   Others have attended our bull workdays every year for several years.   Everyone was very impressed with the overall quality of our Solar Bulls.   I guarantee you won’t find bulls like this anywhere else.

 Over the years, there has been very little change to the top end of our bulls.   That’s the way it should be.   Unlike other seedstock programs, we do NOT chase after more and more and more of anything.   We know what optimum is – and that is what we strive for.   Although there is little difference between the top-sort bulls of today and the top-sort bulls of five years ago, there are five times more top-sort bulls today than there were five years ago.

 There has, however, been a very dramatic change to the bottom end of our bulls.   That is how it should be.   Through focused and diligent breeding and culling, the bottom end continues to get better and better – thus moving closer and closer to optimum at the top end.   Some of the 3-star rated bulls in this sale would have been 4-star rated bulls just five years ago.   The 3-star rated bulls five years ago would not be good enough to make it into our 2019 bull sales.

 We have reached the point that there really is no bottom end to our bulls.   Even with a limited budget, you should be able to purchase some very good PCC Solar Bulls – the type that will increase pounds and profit per acre – even with lower calf prices.   Our PCC Solar Bulls will breed more cows for more years than bulls coming out of other programs.   No matter what your budget is, you can expect to get MORE than your money’s worth when purchasing a PCC Solar Bull – and they come with a One-Year Guarantee!

 If you would like to receive a catalog for our three Spring Bull Sales, call us at 800-311-0995 or send your request to   Our 8th Annual Missouri Bull Sale is scheduled for April 2nd in Springfield, Missouri.   Our 4th Annual Texas Bull Sale is scheduled for April 6th in the town of West, Texas.   Our 30th Annual Colorado Bull Sale is scheduled for April 20th in Burlington, Colorado.   All three sales will be covered in the same catalog.


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