One Down and Two to Go –

Our first-ever Virtual Bull Sale went off without a hitch.   It was strange not to have 200+ people in the seats.   Last year, we served lunch to 288 people at our Missouri Bull Sale.   Nearly all the seats were full.   This year, the entire Missouri Bull Sale took place in our living room.

We had 155 Stay-At-Home bidders from 26 different states.   We sold 145 bulls in less than two hours for an average price of $5250 – with a range of $2500 to $13,000.   These bulls were sold into 20 different states.   We had two no-sell bulls, but both were sold before the sale was over.   We also sold 8 private treaty bulls after the sell for an average price of $2550.

Top Five States…

  • Missouri          39 bulls
  • Texas               19 bulls
  • Oklahoma        19 bulls
  • Arkansas          15 bulls
  • Kansas             11 bulls

Considering what you hear on the news, there was a tremendous amount of optimism leading up to this sale.  Hundreds of cow-calf producers are wanting to “change horses.”   They are excited about the future.   Their families are excited about the future.   While most people can only see doom and gloom, these people see opportunities to advance.

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