One Down and One to Go

Our Nebraska Bull Sale is behind us.   The pre-sale meeting with Jim Gerrish had nearly 47 cow-calf producers from at least eight different states in attendance.  

We had 45 registered bidders at the sale – from 8 different states.   There were 52 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 19 different states and Mexico.

We sold 94 bulls in one hour for an average price of $4215 – with a range of $2000 to $9750.   These bulls were sold into 15 states and Mexico.   Thirty-two percent of the bulls were purchased through one of our three Stay-At-Home options.   We make it easy for our customers to purchase bulls this way.

Top Five States…

  • Nebraska         24 bulls
  • South Dakota  18 bulls
  • North Dakota  12 bulls
  • Texas               10 bulls
  • Missouri            7 bulls