Our Mission –


As stated on page 2 of our quarterly newsletters, Pharo Cattle Company’s mission has always been to help ranchers put more fun and profit into their business.   Ranching is a great way of life, but if it is not profitable and enjoyable it will never be sustainable.   Having one without the other won’t last long.

The average cow-calf producer in America is over 60 years of age.   That’s nearing retirement age in most industries.   What does that say about the cow-calf sector of the beef industry?   It’s not very healthy.   The reason for this is the fact that most cow-calf operations are not profitable and enjoyable enough to attract the next generation.   Folks, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have been selling bulls for 30 years… and counting.   In that time, we have helped thousands of cow-calf producers put more fun and profit into their business.   Many of our customers are two to four times more profitable than all of their neighbors.

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