Colorado Bull Sale Results

Our third and final spring bull sale is over – and the dust is beginning to settle.   Considering the weather preceding the bull sale, we had a great turnout for our 28th Annual Colorado Bull Sale.   Our pre-sale meeting with Peter Ballerstedt was very well attended with Herd Quitters from 11 different states and Mexico.  

We served 167 meals prior to the sale on Monday.   There were 60 registered bidders at the sale from 11 different states and Mexico.   In addition to the in-house bidders,

Game Changers

While most people just play the game, others change how the game is played.   Those who change how the game is played are called Game Changers.   They rewrite the rules.   They see things differently.   They reject the status quo ways of thinking and doing.  They detest being average.   They find ways to be highly successful – even when everyone else is struggling to break even.   Game Changers make things happen!

I recently went through the membership list of the PCC Discussion Group.   This group was established many years ago for PCC customers.  

Two Down and One to Go

Our 6th Annual Missouri Bull Sale is behind us.   The pre-sale meeting with Peter Ballerstedt had 80 people from at least 10 different states in attendance.   We served lunch to 265 people.  

We had 119 registered bidders at the sale – from 16 different states.   There were 63 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 26 different states.

We sold 146 bulls for an average price of $5801 – with a range of $2600 to $9500.   These bulls were sold into 20 different states.   

One Down and Two to Go –

Our Texas Bull Sale is behind us.   The pre-sale meeting with Peter Bierstadt had 40 cow-calf producers from at least four different states and Mexico in attendance.   Peter’s presentation was very well received.   It generated many questions.  

We had 51 registered bidders at the sale – from 5 different states and Mexico.   There were 56 people using our Stay-At-Home options – from 19 different states.   Demand for our low-maintenance genetics has been increasing at an Unbelieva-BULL rate – but that should be expected.   Status quo genetics are no longer profitable.

A Day with Jim Gerrish

Pharo Cattle Company does much more than sell bulls.   We provide a program that is focused on helping you make your business as profitable, enjoyable and sustainable as possible.   We always keep your next generation in mind.   Our ultra-low-maintenance bulls are just one part of this program.   There is a reason our customers are the happiest and most profitable cow-calf producers in the world.

With your long-term success in mind… we decided to put our money where our mouth is.  

Talk is Cheap

This time of year, I glance through hundreds of catalogs and advertisements for bull sales.   With very few exceptions, everyone is essentially offering the same product.   It is extremely rare to find anyone with a program or a product that differs from the status quo.   Some may talk about the importance of fertility, fleshing ability, cow size, maintenance costs, etc., etc., but very, very few have a product that will actually make a difference.

One bull sale ad stated, “Ranchers need low-cost / low-input cattle…”   Since this is exactly what we’ve been saying for nearly three decades,

The Latest HOT Topic

I just thumbed through the latest DROVERS magazine.   It seems that the latest hot topic within the status quo beef industry is parasite control – with an emphasis on deworming.   There was one article on deworming and many advertisements for drugs and chemicals that are supposed to keep your cattle healthy.   In truth, however, the use of drugs and chemicals does nothing but create more and more drug-addicted cattle.   Today’s status quo cattle cannot live without their drugs.   No one gains except the big pharmaceutical companies.

I saw a quote in the deworming article that I thought was worth sharing.  

Pre-Sale Meetings

We will have pre-sale meetings at all three of our sale locations.   These meetings will take place at 6:30 pm the night before the sale.   Our featured guest speaker will be Peter Ballerstedt.   We had Peter speak at our spring bull sales several years ago.   Peter was very well received.   His message was very challenging and inspiring.   Peter is a true Herd Quitter – and he is very passionate about it.

We invite you to come listen to a presentation that will help you improve your health and the health of your family.  

Complexity Bias

Several weeks ago, someone in the PCC Discussion Group shared an article on Complexity Bias.   It was difficult to read – but I found it very interesting.   The following is a quote from the article.

“Faced with two competing hypotheses, we are likely to choose the most complex one.   As a result, when we need to solve a problem, we often ignore simple solutions – thinking “that will never work” – and instead favor complex ones.”

This is exactly what many cow-calf producers do.  

Who Owns The Future?

It is becoming more and more obvious the future belongs to those who are able to successfully transition to a low-input (high-profit) program with efficient, low-maintenance cows.   It belongs to those who are taking the Ten-Step approach to Profita-BULL, Enjoya-BULL and Sustaina-BULL ranching.   Cow-calf producers who have taken these steps are two to four times more profitable than their neighbors.   Allow me to share the first four of the Ten Steps to Double Your Profits.

Step 1…   Focus on pounds and profit per acre – instead of per animal.  

The Next Generation

Every generation plays an important part in the success or failure of the family business.   The decisions you make (or don’t make) could have a profound effect on the future of your family.   As manager of your family farm or ranch, it is your job to make decisions with the next generation in mind.   Unfortunately, I see far too many cow-calf producers procrastinating and taking the “stick your head in the sand” approach to management.   Ignorance may be bliss – but it is a very poor management strategy.

We still believe… there will be more opportunities for you and your family operation to advance in the next five to ten years than there have been in the last 20 years – but only if you are willing to break away from the status quo,

How Big is Big Enough?

According to the USDA Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska, the average Angus, Red Angus and Hereford cow in America weighs over 1,400 pounds.   The status quo seedstock producers have successfully out-Simmentalled the Simmentals.   Unfortunately, as cow size has increased, profitability has decreased.   It doesn’t matter how big your cattle are if they’re not profitable.

Why are cows as big as they are?

For the past 40+ years… the status quo beef industry has been relentlessly focused on increasing production per cow (weaning weight).   

Special Attraction

Our Missouri Bull Sale will feature a special attraction in the form of a top-sort Red Angus bull.   This bull has a very unique two-color birthmark.   We have never seen a multi-color birthmark – and we have never seen one with such a distinct shape.   This bull is one of the highest rated Red Angus bulls in the Missouri Sale.   He will sell as Lot 20.   Can you see why his name is Bullseye?  

PCC Bulls in Mexico

These two video show two young PCC bulls on El Indio Rancho (The Indian Ranch) owned by Marco Borunda.   This ranch is extremely rocky and steep.   The only way to see it is horseback.   Marco told us he did not think our bulls would have the ability to adapt and survive.   He is now a very strong proponent of Pharo philosophies and genetics.

Old is When…

  • Your sweetie says, “Let’s go upstairs and make love,” and you answer, “Pick one; I can’t do both!”
  • Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you’re barefoot.
  • A sexy babe catches your fancy and your pacemaker opens the garage door.
  • Going braless pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.
  • You don’t care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don’t have to go along.
  • You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor,

More Market Thoughts

Although cattle prices have been on the rise the last three or four months, we must remain vigilant.   I believe there continues to be a tremendous amount of volatility in our markets.   It won’t take much to send prices higher or lower.   Unfortunately, the odds of prices going lower seem to be much greater than the odds of them going higher.   In fact, I am surprised cattle prices are as high as they are.

More on Mexico

When we flew to Chihuahua, Mexico, we had a layover in Houston, Texas.   The flight from Houston to the Chihuahua City was pretty much straight west.   That was somewhat of a surprise to my preconceived ideas.

Chihuahua is one of 32 states in Mexico.   Chihuahua City is the capital of Chihuahua – and the second largest city in the state.   The city is in a large valley that is pretty much surrounded by mountains.   The elevation within the city is 4600 feet.   The low spots on the ranches we visited were right at 5000 feet.