More Than A Catalog

We have four boxes of sale catalogs at PCC Headquarters.  In addition to cataloging 400 grass-developed Solar Bulls for our two fall bull sales, this catalog contains over 10 pages of common-sense information that you won’t find anywhere else.  If you are interested in learning more about the New Frontier in Beef Production, we would be glad to send you a catalog.

Our program has always been focused on helping you make your business as profitable, enjoyable and sustainable as possible.  We want to help you increase your pounds and profit per acre. 

Does Justification Make It Right?

I continue to get emails and phone calls from ranchers who do their best to justify what they are doing.  The fact that they call me makes me think they are beginning to question some of the things they have been doing.  They tell me why they have big, high-maintenance, hard-keeping cows that weigh 1200 to 1500 pounds.  They tell me why they still calve in the winter months.  They tell me why their labor and feed expenses are three to four times higher than they really need to be.

We Believe…

We believe the future looks very bright for those who are willing to change with the times.  People who have an open mind will continue to learn.  Consequently, they will find it easy to make the necessary changes.  In contrast, those who refuse to think or to look outside the box (paradigm) they have put themselves in will not be able to make the necessary changes and adjustments to keep up with the future.

Fake Meat

The hottest topic within the beef industry is fake meat and meat alternatives.  I am definitely not an expert on this subject – but I would like to share a few thoughts.  I guarantee this will be totally different from everything else you have heard or read about fake meat.  I’m quite sure I will upset some – but it won’t be the first time.

Veggie burgers have been around for over 30 years – but they never did gain much popularity.  When I first heard the latest talk about creating fake meats,

Fertility… the Most Important Economic Trait

Cow-calf producers who make a living from their cows know fertility is by far the most important economic trait. University studies have shown reproductive traits are twice as important as growth traits, which are twice as important as carcass traits. Ironically, the status quo beef industry has been selecting almost exclusively for growth and carcass traits for the past 40 years – at the expense of reproduction.

For at least 40 years, academics have told us that the heritability of fertility is very low – so low we shouldn’t waste our time selecting for it.

PCC’s Grass-Fed Alliance

As you know, PCC recently formed an alliance with Tyson Foods and Cactus Feeders to produce a high-quality, grass-finished beef product. This product will be All Natural. It will compete with imported grass-fed beef. There is a difference between grass-fed and grass-finished. Any old cow that eats grass can be classified as grass-fed. Grass-finished beef, on the other hand, is well-marbled beef that provides a very enjoyable eating experience. Most of the imported beef is very lean.

This alliance also includes many PCC customers. We have 2000 calves and yearlings contracted for fall delivery.

Dare to be Different

No matter what the business is, very few people will ever have a competitive advantage.   Why is that?   The reason very few people will ever have a competitive advantage is because nearly everyone is essentially doing the same thing everyone else in their business is doing.   They are part of the status quo herd.   It is impossible to be above average if you are doing what everyone else is doing.

I’m sure several PCC subscribers are thinking it would be very difficult,

Feeding Hay More Efficiently

I was thumbing through a status quo beef publication earlier this week when I saw an article entitled “Feeding Hay More Efficiently.”   The article was promoting the use of some very expensive bale processors.   I immediately thought of a favorite Peter Drucker quote that says, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”   It is very difficult to have a profitable cow-calf operation if that operation requires much in the way of feeding hay – no matter how efficient you are at feeding the hay.  

Too Close for Comfort

Tyson Pharo found a rattlesnake two days ago just outside his house.   He ran to get his 410 revolver (The Judge) out of his Jeep.   When he returned, the snake was crawling into the doghouse which is on the sidewalk next to the backdoor of his house.   Missy, the dog, was in the doghouse.

The arrow shows where the 410 shotgun pellets hit the doghouse.   The snake was 2.5 to 3 feet long, and had seven buttons on its rattle.  

We Believe

We believe… cow-calf producers should be encouraged to be all they can be.   That is what motivates and drives us here at Pharo Cattle Company.  That is what gets us up in the morning.   That is what brings us together.   Once you see and understand what is possible, you can’t help but share those possibilities with all who will listen.   We believe the future of most family farms and ranches will be dependent on their ability to break away from the status quo, herd-mentality way of thinking.  

AI Breeding

We are in the middle of our AI breeding season at PCC Headquarters in Colorado.   For those who don’t know, AI is short for Artificial Insemination.   This will be an intense, 10-day project that will include lots of time on the back of a horse.

Six-year-old Braylee Pharo has been helping us – or, perhaps I should say, we have been helping her.   In the picture below, Braylee is herding some heifers home to be bred.   She said, “I can get them.  

Game Changer

Pharo Cattle Company is on the verge of something really, really, REALLY BIG – a Game Changer like no other!   We started sharing bits and pieces with our customers in March.   This is the first mention of it, however, to rest of the world.   This is EXCITING times TWENTY!   In the last few months, all of the pieces of the puzzle have miraculously been falling into place.   Many PCC customers will soon be receiving a premium of $75 to $120 per head on their calves.  

The Last Five Years

I found the graph below in the latest Market Summary sent out by Cattle Range.  Much has happened within the last five years.   Five years ago, we were receiving record-high prices for our cattle.   Life was good!   We were ranching in the very BEST of TIMES!   What happened next was totally beyond our wildest dreams.   Prices continued to increase at unbelievable rates through 2014 and into 2015.

All good things must come to an end!   What goes up,

With the Next Generation in Mind

As manager of your farm or ranch, it is your responsibility to make decisions with the next generation in mind.   You need to create a very profitable and enjoyable business that the next generation will be anxious and excited to become a part of.   Pharo Cattle Company would like to help you in this endeavor.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities – but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”   ~ Josiah Stamp

You May Be A Rancher If…

  1. Your dog rides in the truck more than your wife.
  2. You’ve never thrown away a 5-gallon bucket.
  3. You have used baling wire to attach a license plate.
  4. You have used a chainsaw to remodel your house.
  5. You have fibbed to a mechanic about how often you greased a piece of equipment.
  6. You have driven off the road while examining your neighbor’s livestock.
  7. You have borrowed gravel from the county road to fill potholes in your driveway.