Pharo Bashing and Bragging Rights

When I get bored, I sometimes lurk around on a few cattle-related internet forums.   I find this quite entertaining.   This also keeps me up to date on what members of the status quo herd are thinking.   There are more than a few self-proclaimed experts who appear to be totally void of common sense.   I find it interesting that most of the members of these forums use made-up names.   I suspect this allows them to say things they would not say if their true identity was known.

Every now and then… I will discover that Pharo Cattle Company has been the topic of discussion.   Many status quo seedstock producers enjoy participating in an activity we call Pharo Bashing.   This is a good thing.   It is proof we have a program that differs substantially from the status-quo herd.   It is also proof we are doing and saying things that make status-quo seedstock producers uncomfortable.   Status quo seedstock producers are afraid of change – and they are afraid what we are saying and doing will eventually make sense to commercial cow-calf producers.

No… I NEVER get involved in these discussions.   I admit I have been tempted – but I believe it would be a total waste of my time and energy.

In a recent thread, someone asked about using PCC’s AI sires.   I’m sure he or she did not realize how much other members of this forum despise Pharo Cattle Company’s philosophies and genetics.   This discussion went on for three days and three pages.   It quickly ended when a think-for-himself member said, “My neighbor sold some Pharo Red Angus calves in September that weighed 380 pounds for $2.10 per pound.   I was buying 500-pound black calves for $1.60 per pound.   This came out to the same dollars per head.”

This is an excellent example of what we have been saying for the past 30+ years.   I don’t know who the PCC customer is – but I’m confident our low-input genetics have allowed him to substantially increase his stocking rate.   This has allowed him to substantially increase the number of pounds produced per acre.   Not only is this PCC customer producing substantially more pounds per acre, those pounds are worth substantially more per pound!   Folks, this is a no-brainer!

Are you in the cow-calf business to increase your profits and wealth – or are you in this business to increase your bragging rights?   Bragging rights may make you look good at the local coffee shop, but you cannot purchase groceries or anything else with bragging rights.   You cannot send your children to college on bragging rights.   Those who are focused on increasing pounds per animal (bragging rights) will continue to experience a significant decrease in profits.   In contrast, those who are focused on increasing pounds per acre will continue to increase their profits.   The status quo beef industry has been focused on the wrong thing for over 40 years.

Stocking rate affects profitability more than anything else.   Cow size and type affect stocking rate more than anything else, other than great grass management.   We have never found an environment where our moderate-sized, low-maintenance cows could not produce more pounds and more profit per acre than the bigger, high-maintenance cows most cow-calf producers have.