Pleasure Rides with Braylee

The weather was nice enough last weekend for Papa Kit and 5-year-old Braylee Pharo to take a couple of pleasure rides.   Braylee likes to put a few snacks in my saddle bags so we can have a “picnic” out in the pasture.   There are few things I would rather do than go riding with Braylee.   I hope we will have the opportunity to ride in the mountains at the cabin someday.   Braylee is always full of questions.   Sometimes she repeats my answers with a question mark attached.   Sometimes she just jabbers and giggles.   Braylee and her miniature horse Kate get along great together.

Sometimes we have to stop so Braylee can pull her boots back on.   Her heels keep sliding up as she trots along.   Braylee loves to ride up and down hills.   So does Papa.   Sometimes we stop to look for pretty rocks or to study a bone or a skull.   Sometimes we pick up feathers to put in Braylee’s headband (earmuffs).   Sometimes we chase jack rabbits.   Braylee thinks if we are sneaky and quiet enough, we might be able to pet one.   When we are nearing home, Braylee always likes to “beat” Papa.   Second place just doesn’t suit her well.   Just an hour or two of riding with Braylee gives me a whole new (and better) perspective on life.

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