Quick Sort Tips

Sort for one or two traits and see how many bulls made your sort.   Sort for another trait and see how many bulls you lose.   You can sort and resort many times.   If you lose a lot of bulls, you might want to reconsider the sort you just made.   Consider changing a 4 to a 3+ or a 5 to a 4+.

Once you are satisfied with your sort, you should spend time looking for bulls that you do not like – for whatever reason.   If you don’t like a bull, you can remove him from your sort by clicking on the row that contains all of the information for the unwanted bull.   The entire row will turn light blue in color.   Now go up to the upper left-hand corner and click on the “Delete” button.   Write down the numbers of the bulls you delete, because they will show up again when you run a new sort.   I suggest you sort for a 3-star udder – and then look for 3-star udder scores and see how old the dam is.   A 3-star udder on an older cow is nothing to worry about.   However, a 3-star udder on a 3-year-old cow isn’t very good.   You can delete the bulls from your list that have a 3-star udder score out of a young cow.

Click on the lot number to watch a short video clip of all the bulls that met your search requirements.   When you complete a sort and want to send it to PCC for input and/or to be used for Sight-Unseen (SUS) bidding, click on the “Email Results to Pharo Cattle Company” button on the bottom of your screen.   DON’T FORGET to include your name and other pertinent information.   If you have questions and/or SUS instructions, use the “comment” section.

Every time you add something to your sort, you will decrease the number of bulls on your list.   In most cases, the price of the bulls on your list will increase as the number of bulls on your list decreases.   Many people find themselves in a situation in which they need to lower their requirements a little – and/or increase their budget.   Keep in mind that it is very difficult to spend too much for the right bull.

DO NOT be concerned about having too many bulls on your list – especially if you have a limited budget.   Some people will have over 100 bulls on their list.   As long as all the bulls on your list meet your sort requirements, leave them on your list.   However, if you find any bulls that you do not like for whatever reason, take them off your list.

For those who want to see complete pedigree and/or EPD information on registered bulls, click on the bull’s name.   This will take you to the breed association’s pedigree and EPD page for that bull.