Reaching Your Destination –

Imagine, if you will, that you are driving east on a highway with plans to meet up with a friend in a certain town.   You come to a Y in the road.   To continue traveling east toward your destination, you should have taken the left-hand fork – but you mistakenly chose the right-hand fork.

Now you are driving south on a different highway toward a totally different destination.   Once you realize you are on the wrong road, how long will you continue before turning back?   Five miles?   One hundred miles?   One thousand miles?   That’s a silly question, isn’t it?   Any rational person would turn back immediately.

Over the years… I have known hundreds of cattlemen who knew they were on the wrong road as far as their genetics and their business were concerned.   Most slowed down – but stayed on the wrong road.   Today they are even farther away from where they want to be.

Unfortunately, only a few were able to do an about-face and get back to the right road.   This is a very tragic and disturbing part of human nature.   If you ever discover you are headed the wrong direction, the best time to turn around is NOW!  

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