Reject the Status Quo –

Ag economist Danny Klinefelter explains how you can get a competitive edge simply by rejecting the status quo.   That’s right… by rejecting the status quo.   Klinefelter says, “The only truly sustainable competitive advantage today is the ability to learn and adapt faster than your competition.”  Click on the link below to listen to what he has to say.

The Best Managers Reject the Status Quo

2 responses to “Reject the Status Quo –

  1. Klinefelter is 100% SPOT ON! As long as you belong to the status quo herd and do what everyone elses is doing, you will never be above average.

  2. I agree with what he says, but I don’t think most producers – the average – considers the fact that they are in a competition. By competition, I do not necessarily mean in competition with their neighbors, but in competition with themselves. Seedstock producers are certainly in competition, but the average cattleman probably doesn’t realize they are in competition with – the next pay check, the loan at the bank, nature, etc. If they were aware of the competition, I think they would strive to be better. They don’t realize they are in “competition with their own comfort zone”….

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