Report from West Virginia –

I flew to West Virginia last Thursday.   I spoke to a group of cow-calf producers Friday night.   I was happily surprised to see so many PCC customers at that meeting.   I think there were people from seven or eight different states.   The Spiker Dispersal Sale took place on Saturday.   John Spiker purchased a load of PCC-Influenced heifers and a PCC bull in the fall of 2008.   He has been using PCC genetics exclusively since then.   A few of those original cows are still in production.

The demand for Pharo genetics was extremely strong!   Over 100 females sold, from weaned heifer calves up to 8-year-old cows.   After visiting with the sale barn owner/manager and a few local cattlemen, I was able to determine that the Spiker heifers and cows sold for a 50 to 100 percent premium over the best of the local sale offerings.   That’s HUGE!   I am happy for John and his wife Sue Ann.   They plan to do a lot more traveling and playing.   I wish them well.

I had a telephone conversation with John yesterday.   With as many PCC customers as there are in the east, John suggested we put together a PCC-Influenced Female Sale every year.   John said he would be happy to put it together.   I told John we would give his idea some serious consideration.   I think it has merit.

John paid me a very nice compliment.   Prior to the meeting I spoke at and prior to his dispersal sale, John said, “I wish I had met Kit 30 years ago.”   He went on to say, “The Pharo way of doing things is much more profitable and enjoyable than anything else in this business.”   Thanks, John.   As we have said before, we do much more than just sell bulls.   We provide a program and a way of thinking that are focused on helping our customers make their business as profitable, enjoyable and sustainable as possible.


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  1. That’s fantastic news for us easterners I am working now with Aberdeen bulls and big cows to get smaller frames. Then it’s off to see Pharos bulls. And yes a female sale for fescue cattle would top the sale . Thanks Pharo cattle company for all you do 

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