Resistance to Change –

People hate change!   Nowhere is this more prevalent than in agriculture.   It seems to take years for people in agriculture to make simple changes – even though they know the change will be for their own good.   I must confess that I too am reluctant to change.   I may not hate change as much as most people, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

I read a neat little Seth Godin book entitled Tribes.   In this book, Seth spends a considerable amount of time discussing the status quo and its fear of change.   He believes change is inevitable.   I don’t think anyone can argue with that.   Change is a normal and necessary part of life and business – and the sooner we embrace it, the better off we will be.   

Seth says, “By the time you realize your corner of the world is ready for change, it’s almost always too late.   It’s definitely not too early.”   Mr. Godin goes on to say, “There may be a small price to pay for being too early, but there will be a huge penalty for being too late.”   This concept was discussed in depth in the leadoff article of our Winter 2020 Newsletter.   The Early Adaptors will always be very successful, while the Laggards will continue to fall by the wayside.   Which are you?


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