Results of Our Australian Bull Sale

Our first-ever Australian Bull Sale is behind us – and we are extremely excited.   Most cow-calf producers in Australia are experiencing the worst drought in their lifetime.   Many (perhaps most) are destocked to less than half their normal carrying capacity.   Some are totally destocked.   More than once I thought, this is the absolute worst time to have our first-ever Australian bull sale – and then I thought, maybe not.   There is nothing like tough times to make cow-calf producers realize they need ultra-low-input genetics to survive in this business.

Tyson and I were surprised when 40 people showed up for our pre-sale get-together.   It was good to hear them discuss their past and where they want to be in the future.   The producers at that meeting are anxious to take control of their future.   That inspires and excites me!   We were also a little surprised when over 80 people showed up for the bull sale.   Several drove from as far as 1700 kilometers to attend.   That is almost unheard of.   Everyone was impressed by how good our grass-developed bulls looked, considering the drought.

We sold 64 bulls for an average price of $4632 – with a range of $2500 to $10,000.   I’m sure members of the status quo herd will be totally shocked by these results.   With the current drought it is not uncommon for other bull breeders to no-sale 50 to 60 percent of their bulls.   We only had four no-sale bulls – and they were sold within two hours after the sale.   Volume buyers Cathy and Graham Finlayson, Bokhara Diversified, Brewarrina, purchased 11 bulls with their agent (center) Greg Seiler of Landmark Walsh Hughes, Bourke.


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