Sitting on the Fence

I have reason to believe many who are reading this are sitting on the fence.   They know they need to make the transition from high-input, break-even ranching to low-input, high-profit ranching – but they are reluctant to get off the fence and make it happen.   Some of you have been sitting on this fence for years.

What is it going to take to get you off the fence?   What is keeping you from moving forward?   The sooner you make this transition, the sooner you will be able to improve your lifestyle and your profitability.   You have much to gain and nothing to lose.

I suggest you attend our Colorado Bull Sale on Monday, April 15th and spend time talking with PCC customers and producers.   Most are happy and excited to share their experiences.   Most have spent time on the same fence you are sitting on.   Give them the opportunity to share their story.   If you do, I can pretty much guarantee they will provide the push you need.   You can choose to stay home if you want – but you will never learn anything about profitable, enjoyable and sustainable ranching from your status quo neighbors.

I know several people who spent a considerable amount of time and/or money to do exactly what I am suggesting you do.   Some drove or flew over 1200 miles.   I have never heard from anyone who regretted the trip.   Most made the transition shortly after making the trip.   They would never consider going back – because they are two to five times more profitable than their neighbors.   In addition to being more profitable, their life is much more enjoyable.