Special Attraction

Our Missouri Bull Sale will feature a special attraction in the form of a top-sort Red Angus bull.   This bull has a very unique two-color birthmark.   We have never seen a multi-color birthmark – and we have never seen one with such a distinct shape.   This bull is one of the highest rated Red Angus bulls in the Missouri Sale.   He will sell as Lot 20.   Can you see why his name is Bullseye?  

6 responses to “Special Attraction

  1. Jacob’s spotted cow ehh ?

    Also was gonna mention that you should consider having a Canadian climatized herd. ??
    Love your inspirations and your small cows ‘n’ bulls. Manitoba, Canada

  2. Just sold a red Simmental that had the same birth mark. Didn’t know what it was for a while. The vet initially told me it was a burn from embryo fluid and the sun, but he was born in November. I figured out that it was a birth mark. Used him on heifers and it never transferred.

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