Spring Calving

I check a few internet discussion websites on a regular basis just to see what the status quo whiz kids are saying and thinking.   This is often quite entertaining.   I noticed several are talking about their recent experiences with “Spring Calving” – both good and bad.   Spring calving?   Are they delusional?   What kind of calendar are they using?   We are as close to the middle of winter as we can be!


It’s a good thing most of these whiz kids have an off-farm job.   That is the only way they can keep their cow-calf operation going.   Calving in sync with nature (May calving in most of North America) is an easy way for most cow-calf operations to increase their profits by $80 to over $100 per cow.   As the old Chiffon Margarine commercial used to say, “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.”   It can be done, but it will require extra money and labor.

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  1. Dick Diven was the Master of determining calving seasons. It is unfortunate that he passed away before he mentored another in carrying on his message. What a shame. A tremendous opportunity to educate current and future cattleman was lost.

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