The Choice is Yours –

The fact that many PCC customers have been able to significantly increase their profitability in a relatively short period of time gives us reason to believe most cow-calf producers have the ability to do the same thing – IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO.   Unfortunately, that’s a BIG IF!

Sadly, it seems many producers would rather fail doing what they have always done than succeed if success requires change.   The beef industry is at a major turning point.   What has worked so well for the last 20 years will not work for the next 20 years.   The fear of change will more than likely be the downfall of many family farms and ranches.

First and foremost… genuine success will require cow-calf producers to change the way they think about beef production.   They need to STOP focusing on increasing pounds per animal (bragging rights) and START focusing on increasing pounds per acre (profit).   This won’t be easy – but until they can get their head wrapped around this concept, profit will continue to be very elusive.

They also need to work with nature – instead of against nature.   They need to implement proper grazing management to make the most of every ray of sunshine and every drop of rain that falls on the land they control.   They need to reduce and eliminate expenses.   And… they need to produce cattle that fit their environment – instead of artificially changing the environment to fit their cattle.

It isn’t difficult to increase profitability to what some consider to be a phenomenal level.   The process has been summarized in the two paragraphs above.   Many cow-calf producers have already proven it can be done.   Those who have done it, however, will tell you it’s a matter of choice – NOT chance or luck!   You have to make it happen, because it ain’t gonna happen on its own!

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