The Driving Force –

The driving force behind our program is the desire to help cow-calf producers make their business as profitable, enjoyable and sustainable as possible.   That’s what wakes us up in the morning.   That’s what keeps us going.   Once you see and understand what is possible, it’s impossible not to share those possibilities with all who will listen.   The future of most family farms and ranches will be dependent on their ability to think outside the status quo herd.

We have been selling bulls for 30 years… and counting.   We have helped thousands of cow-calf producers put more fun and profit into their business.   Many of our customers are two to four times more profitable than all of their neighbors.   They have the ability to thrive even during the worst of times.

The one thing we cannot understand, however, is why so many cow-calf producers refuse to even think about doing anything different.   It’s as though they would rather fail doing what they have always done than succeed if success requires change.   Why are they satisfied with working so hard just to break even?

If you are ready to change horses… then we want to help you make the necessary changes.   We want to help you take the Ten Steps to Double Your Profits.   We want to provide the ultra-low-input, grass-based genetics you will need to prosper in the future.   You need to produce cows that fit your environment, instead of artificially changing the environment to fit your cows.   

As a new PCC Customer, we will introduce you to the PCC Discussion Group.   Many believe having access to this unique group of world-renown experts in profitable, regenerative and sustainable agriculture is worth much more than the cost of a PCC bull.   This group of Herd Quitters can provide the information and the advice you will need to be profitable when all of your neighbors are struggling just to stay in business.

We do much more than just sell bulls.   We provide a program and a way of thinking that are focused on helping you make your business as profitable, enjoyable and sustainable as possible.   We always keep your next generation in mind.   Our ultra-low-input bulls are just one part of this program.

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