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This time of year, the hottest topic within the beef industry is fly control.   Everyone is talking about fly control!   Since flies have become resistant to nearly all of the toxic chemicals that were created to control them, fly problems have done nothing but get worse over the last 50 years.   Every year, everyone is frantically looking for the latest toxic chemical to control their ever-increasing fly problems.   How long do you think the latest control will work?   Not very long.  

Why does the beef industry continue to treat the symptoms of the problem while it totally ignores the problem?   We have been programmed to treat the symptoms while ignoring the problem.   If problems of this nature are ever solved, it could put a few chemical companies out of business.   That would be great for cow-calf producers – but not so good for those who make a living selling expensive inputs to cow-calf producers.

No one else in the seedstock industry has even thought about selecting cattle for genetic fly resistance.   Pharo Cattle Company has been doing it for most of two decades.   While others continue to treat the symptoms of the problem with toxic chemicals, we are helping you solve the problem.

All of the bulls selling in our three fall bull sales will be evaluated and scored for genetic fly resistance.   Since the heritability of fly resistance is very high, this is something you can improve dramatically in a short period of time.   The Heat-Tolerant Composite bulls that will sell in our first-ever Alabama Bull Sale have very good resistance to all parasites.   Call 800-311-0995 to request a sale catalog.

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