The New Frontier

The status quo beef industry is a result of a time when land was unbelievably cheap – at least by today’s standards.  It is also a result of cheap feed and cheap fuel.  Gasoline could be purchased for only 25 cents per gallon in the early 1970s.  Labor was cheap – and equipment was cheap.  The status quo way of doing things made sense 40 to 50 years ago.  Unfortunately, that era is over – and it ain’t coming back.  Ready or not, we are entering the New Frontier in Beef Production.

We believe the next twenty years will be exciting times for those who are willing to change with the times.  In addition to increasing pounds and profit per acre, PCC customers now have the opportunity to receive a $15/cwt premium on their calves.  That’s $75 to $120 per head!  This will create opportunities to advance and grow the family farm or ranch.  This will also create opportunities to bring the next generation into the family business.  Unfortunately, the next twenty years will be sad and depressing times for others.  That’s the way it is during times of change.

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