The Three Cs –

Circumstances are where you are right now.   You had no control over some of your circumstances.   Circumstances of your birth and childhood, for example, are not the result of any choices you made.   Other circumstances, however, are the consequence of choices you have made.

Choices are what you make happen to alter your circumstances.   The choices or decisions you don’t make can have as much of an effect on your circumstances as the choices and decisions you do make.

Consequences are the result of your choices, or lack thereof.   Consequences can be both good and bad – depending on the choices you made – or didn’t make.

You can’t go back in time to alter your circumstances.   You can, however, change your future circumstances.   The decisions you make (or don’t make) will have a profound effect on your future and the future of your family business.   This is a responsibility that should not be ignored or taken lightly.   Your kids and grandkids are hoping you make the right choices.   Don’t be afraid to take control of your future.

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