Times Have Changed –

The status quo beef industry is the result of a time when land was unbelievably cheap – at least by today’s standards.   It is also the result of cheap feed and cheap fuel.   Gasoline could be purchased for 25 cents per gallon in the early 1970s.   Labor was cheap – and equipment was cheap.   The status quo way of doing things made sense 40 to 50 years ago.   Unfortunately, that era is over – and it ain’t coming back.

There will always be more opportunities to advance during times of change than at any other time.   Nearly all opportunities to advance will come through deliberate change – not by chance or luck!   During times like this, opportunities to advance are relatively plentiful and easy because most people are afraid of change.   I firmly believe we have not seen opportunities of this magnitude for several decades.   The future belongs to those who are not afraid to change with the times.   If you don’t take control of your life and your business, you are leaving everything up to chance.


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