Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Bad Bull

By Mark Parker

10. Your neighbor took one look at him and immediately began fixing the border fence.

9. Do the math: He only settles 3/4 as many cows but at half the price!

8. Him being a six-way cross — maybe eight or nine — just think of the hybrid vigor impact.

7. No reason to get confused by all those EPD numbers — they’re not even sure how old he is.

6. Spreading out the breeding season means year-round cash flow.

5. You don’t have to sit there and bid and bid — one nod of the head and he’s yours.

4. Since you’d never be able to get him in the chute, you save all kinds of money on vaccinations.

3. Someday, those horns are going to double his salvage value.

2. He is an inspiration for the county agent’s beef newsletter articles.

1. Rustlers just drive on by.

4 responses to “Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Bad Bull

  1. reminds me of a neighbor that asked how did I like his calves and I replied well they are built for speed,

  2. #3 reminds me of the guy who used to post pictures of his long horn cattle on your facebook page back in the day.

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