We Believe

We believe… most ranchers can be twice as profitable as they are if they STOP focusing on increasing pounds per individual calf and START focusing on increasing pounds per acre.   There is a BIG difference!   We know ranchers who have more than quadrupled their net profits after changing their focus.


For the past 50 years… the status quo beef industry has been single-mindedly focused on increasing individual weaning weights – and they succeeded.   Although this provided some bragging rights, it has been detrimental to ranch profits.   As individual weaning weights increase, pounds and profit per acre decrease.   Many ranches in America that were put together and paid for with 400-pound calves are struggling and going broke with 600-pound calves.


The difference between focusing on pounds per calf and pounds per acre is much, much greater than most producers can even imagine.   Most producers cannot see the difference.   Nevertheless, they will produce near-opposite results.   Since changing the focus from one to the other involves a major paradigm shift, it is not easy.   Most producers will not make a change of this magnitude until they are forced to make it.   Unfortunately, that will be too late for some.