Why Don’t All Seedstock Producers…

• Treat their cows tougher than you treat your cows?
• Refuse to make an excuse for a cow, or give a her a second chance?
• Develop bulls on forage — with nothing but starch-free supplements?
• Evaluate and score bulls for disposition?
• Evaluate and score bulls for fleshing ability, thickness, muscling, masculinity, overall rating, hair coat and fly resistance?
• Evaluate and score bulls for low maintenance, longevity and grass efficiency?
• Evaluate and score bulls for feet and leg conformation?
• Evaluate and score bulls for preputial prolapse problems?
• Provide an udder score for the bulls they sell?
• Provide a One-Year Guarantee on the bulls they sell?
• Guarantee bulls for calving ease?
• Guarantee bulls to be free from genetic defects?
• Control flies and other parasites with genetics — instead of chemicals?
• Invite customers to participate in bull evaluation days?
• Provide a Quick Sort program that takes the guesswork out of sorting bulls that meet your specific needs?
• Use an honest, low-pressure Cowboy Auction to sell bulls?
• Deliver bulls to over 60 delivery points across the nation?
• Make it possible for their customers to receive a $15/cwt premium on their calves?
• Provide an online discussion group with world-renowned industry experts for their customers?

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