Why Purchase Bulls in the Fall?

Fall is by far the best time to move cattle from one environment to another – especially if you are moving them into a hotter, more humid environment (south and/or east). By the time breeding season rolls around, your new PCC bull will be well-adapted and ready for a heavy workload.
Unlike most young bulls, our grass-developed bulls do not require much in the way of winter feed or care. In most cases, we recommend you throw them in with your older bulls. Don’t be surprised if your young PCC bulls come through the winter in better shape than your older, non-PCC bulls.
Most spring-calving producers have much more time to select and purchase bulls in the fall than they do in the spring. Since selecting herd sires is one of the most important jobs you have, you should do it when you have sufficient time.
These bulls are 18-months of age – going on two years. They have been developed slowly and naturally on grass and will be able to handle a larger workload – with few injuries. They will breed more cows for more years than bulls coming out of other programs.
Thickness and fleshing ability have been bred into these bulls – NOT fed in! For over 30 years, our cattle have been bred and selected to do the most for the least – in many different environments.
If you need to buy something for year-end tax purposes, it makes a whole lot more sense to buy bulls than it does to buy expensive equipment that burns expensive fuel. Talk to your tax advisor about the Section 179 Expense (accelerated depreciation).