Willingness To Change

Whether you want to believe it or not, your survival in the cow-calf business will be dependent on your willingness to make some changes.   Prices will continue to fall, while the cost of inputs will continue to rise.   A 500-pound steer is worth $500 less than it was just two years ago – and $750 less than it was three years ago.   As time moves on, more and more producers will fail to have enough income to cover their expenses.


Those who would like to maintain or increase their sustainable profit need to start thinking in terms of production and profit per acre – instead of per animal.   They need to work with nature – instead of against nature.   They need to implement proper grazing management to make the most of every ray of sunshine and drop of rain that falls on the land they control.   They need to reduce and eliminate expenses.   And… they need to produce cattle that fit their environment – instead of artificially changing the environment to fit their cattle.

Pharo Cattle Company has the low-input, grass-based genetics you will need to produce efficient, easy-fleshing, low-maintenance, 3 to 4-frame momma cows that can increase pounds and profit per acre.   Our 3 to 4-frame cows weigh 1100 to 1250.   In contrast, most seedstock producers have high-maintenance, 5 to 7-frame cows that weigh 1400 to 1800 pounds.   Their bulls will continue to take you farther and farther in the wrong direction.

We will be selling around 350 grass-developed, 18-month-old PCC Solar Bulls in our two Fall Bull Sales.   Our Nebraska Bull Sale will take place in Valentine, NE, on October 28th.   Our Colorado Bull Sale will take place in Burlington, CO, on November 6th.   If you would like to receive a catalog for these bull sales, call us at 800-311-0995 or send your request to Tammy@PharoCattle.com.   Both sales will be covered in the same catalog.


Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”   ~ Stephen Hawking

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