Cooperator Herds

What is a cooperator herd?   Cooperator herds are often referred to as multiplier herds because they multiply or replicate the genetics and/or the philosophies that exist in another breeding program.   They are also referred to as satellite herds because they all have an alliance with a central or nucleus herd.

The Demand

The demand for Pharo Cattle Company bulls has increased tremendously over the past several years.   In order to meet this demand and to keep our prices affordable, we thought it necessary to increase the number of bulls offered in our annual bull sales.   This task is not as easy as it sounds because we refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity!

The Solution

Over the years our seedstock program has evolved into a network of outstanding cooperative producers.   We’ve been able to increase our numbers without sacrificing quality, by accepting only the best bull calves from select cooperator herds.   These are producers who have philosophies, genetics, and breeding programs very similar to our own, with whom we have been working very closely for several years.

The Agreement

Our producers have signed a contract with Pharo Cattle Company to be Cooperative Producers.   In so doing, they have agreed to abide by some strict guidelines, including our philosophies.

Bull Selection

When we go into these herds, we are extremely selective.   Performance is important, but we also select for fertility, calving ease, structural correctness, disposition, fleshing ability, and thickness.   In addition, we require the bull’s mother to be moderate in size and fault-free.   We can’t afford to make any mistakes because our reputation is at stake.   We only want the best of the best!   As time goes on and as these herds continue to improve, we will be able to select more and more of their bulls.

Our first PCC bull was purchased in 2001. We spent more than planned, but have never regretted it. We used him until he was 13 years old. On a per-calf basis, he was the cheapest bull we have ever purchased.

Paul Landrigan
Cooperative Producer, Nebraska