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If you are serious about reducing frame size, increasing thickness and fleshing ability, and improving calving ease and cow efficiency, then you have come to the right place.   We have the biggest and best selection of grass-based genetics in North America.   Our goal is to provide the bulls that will help you minimize expenses and maximize profits.

Moderate Size

What does it take to produce moderate-sized cattle that are profitable on the ranch and in the feedlot?   It takes moderate-sized bulls!   Many ranchers, so it seems, do not realize it's virtually impossible to produce efficient cows using bulls with a frame score over 4.   You will discover that 3- and 4-frame cattle are not as small as most people think.   Just for the fun of it, we challenge you to take a tape measure and see how tall 48 or 50 inches really is.   You will discover that 3- and 4-frame cows are not really small at all.   When you add some thickness and fleshing ability to a smaller-framed cow you have a package that is without equal.   Our 3- and 4-frame cows weigh 1100 to 1250 pounds.   That is big enough!

Frame Score 2 3 4 5 6
Mature Cow Hip Height 46 48 50 52 54
Mature Bull Hip Height 50 52 54 56 58

Calving Ease and Fertility

If you are concerned about profitability, then calving ease and fertility are the two most important traits you should be selecting for.   (Dead calves have distressingly low weaning weights and open cows produce absolutely no income!)   Fertility is more a function of low maintenance requirements and body condition (fleshing ability) than anything else.   A cow's maintenance energy requirements must be met before any weight gain or reproduction can take place.   

Available Sires

Over the years we have acquired and produced some outstanding low-maintenance, moderate-sized bulls with extreme thickness, muscling and fleshing ability.   Calving ease has always been our specialty.   You can choose from Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, Tarentaise, and Composite bulls.   We also have three Lowline bulls (two black and one red), as well as a black Mashona bull.

Quantity Discounts are available, except on bulls with a limited inventory.   Free Shipping (within the Continental United States) on orders of 50 straws or more ($110 savings).   Semen can be UPS shipped right to your door.

Updated: June 2, 2016


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In the past two years, using Pharo bulls, I have not watched a cow or heifer calve – no calving problems whatsoever. One of those bulls bred 98 cows last year (by himself), and we calved 90% of the calves in three weeks.

Tanya King

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