Black Angus

Magua, sire of Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is a Magua son that we think is good enough to surpass what Magua has done for the PCC program.   He has massive thickness — more than any other bull in the PCC program. Sneaky Pete’s birth weight EPD is in the top 5% of the Angus breed.   His energy value ($EN) is in the top 2% of the breed.   Like his sire, Sneaky Pete has a red gene.   When bred to red cows, half of the calves will be red.   Sneaky Pete is co-owned with Paul Landrigan.

Sneaky Pete

Birth Date May 15, 2010
Birth Weight 75 Pounds
Registration 16908623
Straw Price $28/straw
Certificate Price $35/certificate
Breed Registry Black Angus Registry

Our Genetic Predictions

Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


B Wt W Wt Y Wt
-1.8 +21 +35
Milk Frame Mt Wt
+17 3.5 (est) 2000+