Black Angus

Rebel has proven to be the total package.   His daughters are consistently flawless.   His sons are consistently high sellers in PCC bull sales.   We sold 38 Rebel sons in our 2015 Bull Sales for an average price of $7500.   Rebel’s birth weight and calving ease direct EPDs are both in the top 2% of the Angus breed — and his energy EPD is in the top 3% of the breed.   Rebel is co-owned with Ryan Shay and Monte Howrey.   Very limited semen inventory.


Birth Date April 21, 2005
Birth Weight 72 Pounds
Registration 15192082
Straw Price $30/straw
Certificate Price $35/certificate
Breed Registry Black Angus Registry

Our Genetic Predictions

Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


B Wt W Wt Y Wt
-2.8 +18 +40
Milk Frame Mt Wt
+17 3.0 N/A