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Elijah was an extremely thick, easy-fleshing, heavy-muscled bull — in a 3-frame package.   He has been used on well over 400 first-calf heifers with very few problems.   It is very rare to find a bull this stout that has this much calving ease.   Elijah was still working in a PCC cooperative herd at 11 years of age.    Elijah is co-owned with Matney Cattle Company and Landrigan Livestock.

Description: Black/Polled (50% TA; 50% AN)

Sire: OCC Emancipate 889

Mat. Grand Sire: C-C Polled Coteau

B Wt.: 68      205-Day Wt.: 574      365-Day Wt.: N/A

Elijah (CM)

Birth Date April 12, 1999
Straw Price $14/straw

Our Genetic Predictions

Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


Frame Mt Wt
3.0 1800+